By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Crafty Penguins Make A Run For It… But They Didn’t Think It Through.

This may be a case of life imitating art. Five penguins tried to make a run for it from the Odense Zoo in Denmark. Unfortunately, their wet feet left a trail in the corridor as they dashed to find their way out of their enclosure.

Similar to the penguins from the animated movie Madagascar who find themselves on the tropical island after a successful breakout, these flightless birds got caught by a zoo worker; close but no cigar. Instead of lecturing the beautiful creatures, the human decided to record their courageous attempt to break free. Even when they are caught in the act, the animals did not give up. Instead, they quickened their pace to find the exit.

It is unclear what prompted the penguins to want to leave or where they were planning to go. More than likely, the troublemakers will try again but on the next go-around, remember to not leave any evidence behind.

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Source: zooodense