By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Penguin Awareness Day Is The CUTEST Date On The Calendar.

Each year on January 20th, the world celebrates a lesser-known holiday that puts the spotlight on your favorite naturally-tuxedoed birds: National Penguin Awareness Day.

The day not only calls to light some of the issues surrounding the penguin communities of the world (including populations, breeds, and behaviors), but also gives us all a chance to appreciate this magnificent animal.

Don't get it twisted: Today is not World Penguin Day, which is celebrated each year on April 25th (yup, they get two days a year to be celebrated), but it's an important day for penguins and their supporters nonetheless.

It's also a time to gaze at photos of these awesome birds, and relish in the fact that they look like fat men in tuxedos.

And who could deny the unbearable cuteness of this Emperor Penguin chick?

This guy looks like he's having a low moment. Cheer up, guy! It's your special day.

This penguin is enjoying a frosty swim, just because he can.

Aren't penguins just the greatest?

Aren't penguins just the greatest?