By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

She Made An Amazing Floor Out Of Old Pennies. This Is How She Did It.

Plenty of people save their pennies, but not everyone uses them to create an amazing finishing for their dining room floor.

This homeowner used thousands of pennies to cover her hardwood floors with shiny copper, resulting in a wonderfully textured finish that includes both tarnished and bright, shiny coins. The effect is pretty impressive to look at, and might have you contemplating covering your own floors with this method. Just wait until you see how many pennies she actually had to use to do it.

Instead of hardwood, one woman decided to cover her entire dining room floor in pennies.

To ensure proper spacing, she used this to lay them.

There are pennies from dozens of different years in here, including a few Indian head pennies and steel pennies from back in the forties.

Each square foot of the floor contains a buffalo nickel, an Indian head, and two steel pennies.

Portions of the fitting were difficult, like installing this floor register amidst the rounded edges of the surrounding pennies.

Overall, though, intallation doesn't look too difficult.

After they're done, they'll use black grout to make the pennies really pop.

Can you guess how many pennies she used total?

According to the homeowner, the final count was 43,758 pennies.

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Source: Gina Dagastino