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17 Extreme Hacks From People Who REALLY Don’t Like Spending Their Hard Earned Cash.

Maybe your friends and family lovingly poke fun at how cheap you are, especially after that time you tried to get a discount on a chair, simply because you saw it being sat on by someone else in the showroom. Let them mock you all they want: You know that thriftiness is next to godliness, and you want to keep your money close. Let the rest of us heathens live the lavish life.

Luckily, there are plenty of people out there in the world who feel the same way as you do, and together, you can rationalize your hours spent clipping coupons that will inevitably save you a mere three cents. Hey, that's three cents you could put towards something else, right?

#1. Split down the middle

"My parents split everything. My mom has her shampoo, my dad has his. Their own food, drinks. Etc

Fast forward... My dad was sick and needed some Pepto Bismol. He didn't have any, my mom measured out 15 ml, then divided that by the cost and my dad paid her 23 cents or whatever it was."

#2. Fish sticks and peas

"I knew a girl that for an entire summer ate nothing by fish sticks and peas. Apparently she researched it and that was the most cost efficient way to get all the nutrients she needed."

#3. Clipping coupons

"I was working at Target when a woman came forward with an odd assortment of items. I rang them all up for her and it totaled to just below 300 bucks. She asked me to hold on for a second and pulled out a plastic bag.

It was one of those gallon sized ziplocks and it was chock full of coupons and those 5 dollar gift cards you can get through certain deals at target. Apparently she had called the store or a store ahead of time and had a list of what order to put each of the coupons through.

I scanned them one buy one. Now when you use a coupon if it won't work due to some reason like "coupons limited to this amount" or "only when buying such and such product" it will stop you. In this case not a single one did, they all went through. Then she used the gift cards.

She ended up paying 10 cents."

#4. Keepin' it dark

"People often commute on motorcycles at night in India without turning the headlight on. Turning that light on costs extra petrol."

#5. Prepaid envelope

"Stockbroker here. Client is mailing in a $1.2 million check, and refuses to pay for his own stamp. We had to mail him a prepaid envelope."

#6. Short change

"Went out to lunch with someone. I drove. We ate similar things (no alcohol) and split the check. I gave her cash and she put it on her card. Back in the car on the way home she said 'you realize you shorted me 25 cents'. I gave her a quarter and never went out with her socially again."

#7. Save the date

"Worked for a commercial laundry where, I shit you not, the maintenance manual specified you were to write the date a fluorescent bulb is installed with a marker. When said bulb burned out, you were to calculate the hours used and if it did not add up to the hours specified on the packaging, you were to contact the manufacturer and demand a partial credit. That is only one of many, many examples."

#8. Seeking food

"There is a lady in my town that goes through the garbage, we know she isn't homeless at least we think she isn't. She starts walking from one end of the town to the other and will stop at every garbage and eat whatever she finds that is good enough. However we have seen her leave the local gym and she always has the best looking gym equipment and gym bag. People have offered her money and she has never once accepted it to my knowledge. She is just a lady that saves money by eating garbage."

#9. Ziploc bags

"As a broke college student I used to line my purse with a gallon size ziploc bag and fill it up at buffets or all you can eat shrimp at Red Lobster. It was awesome until I came across a old dried up fried shrimp in my purse 2 months later."

#10. Saving stamps

"Dated a girl once whose mother would take mail she had gotten and float the stamps off if the postmark didn't sufficiently cover the stamp. She would then reuse them. Call me crazy but I really don't think the effort to A) sort the mail to find the un-postmarked stamps B) float them off in hot water, and C) re-adhere them to new envelopes is really worth it when you could be doing....literally anything else."

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