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Service Dog Went To Prom With Owner, And They Accessorized Perfectly.

Dogs truly are such great creatures. Not only do they provide company and compassion to their human owners, they can be super helpful. Think of all the trained service dogs in this world — they do not receive enough recognition. Some help nurse humans back to health while others are trained to medically assist to make sure their humans stay healthy.

Percie, for example, is a special service dog that has grown inseparable to Claire. She's trained to sense whenever Claire's cortisol levels are heightened to intervene a potential episode. And if it weren't for Percie, Claire might have not been able to attend prom at all.

Percie is Claire's medical alert dog.

She's trained to help out Claire with her disability by sensing any potential problems before it becomes a real issue.

"A large part of my disability are anxiety-derived 'episodes,' which can best be described as panic attacks," Claire told The Dodo.

"Percie can detect my cortisol levels and lets me know when an episode is about to happen based on my levels. This gives me the advantage of knowing before the episode occurs so I can take measures to lessen its severity."

Just like any other senior in high school, Claire was looking forward to prom.

She was ready to spend a night out with her boyfriend and friends. Percie, however, never leaves her guard down.

Claire was fearful that she'd experience an episode during prom.

Percie stayed by Claire's side throughout the prom night and was able to sense out all of them.

Percie would immediately get a hold of Claire's attention whenever needed.

"She helped me during prom by alerting me several times, which she does by excessively pawing or nudging me with her nose," says Claire.

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