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20 Photos That Prove Animals Are Killing The Chill Spot Game.

Animals are such interesting beings, and sometimes they do super cute things. The one thing that animals seem to be best at is finding a cozy place to rest, even if that place doesn't appear to be the most comfortable spot.

Here are 20 animals that do just that.

Just my size.

We're not totally sure how this cat ended up inside what appears to be a fish tank, but he's in there and he's all squished up against the sides. We also can't imagine this being comfortable for any animal, but this kitty doesn't appear to be bothered. No word on how long he stayed in there, but we would have paid good money to see how he managed to get himself out.

The cone of shame-less comfort.

It's fairly common knowledge that animals hate wearing a cone, which is why it is often referred to as "the cone of shame." However, this kitten found the perfect cozy spot to take a snooze, right inside the cone of her bigger dog buddy. It seems completely obvious that these two are the best of friends and that the kitten is just in there giving the pup some extra love. How precious is that?

Anybody want some pretzels?

Now, this is what I call a party mix! There's nothing like having a bunch of friends over to watch football, putting out a big container of pretzels, and watching your cat do something totally hilarious. We're willing to bet that no one wanted to eat pretzels after this cat's antics, but we are also positive that everyone at that football party had an absolute howl over this.

How long are you going to stay in there, bud?

Thank you, human, for my new bed.

If you're a dog owner, you've probably noticed that dog beds are expensive. No matter which one you buy, you'll end up buying a second, and maybe even a third. But did you know that your dog will be just as comfortable inside your plastic laundry basket? Well, neither did we!

This next animal also got himself cozy in an item that you can find around the house. So much for that pricey cat house you just bought...

If it fits, it ships.

If I had a penny for every time my cat hunkered down in an empty box, I'd be rich. Who knew that empty cardboard boxes were what the cat really wanted for Christmas? This fella decided that he'd take up residence in this Amazon box, right after his human took her stuff out. She was going to recycle it, but it looks like the cat has already done that. Ah, home sweet home!

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