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20 Photos That Prove Animals Are Killing The Chill Spot Game.

Life on the road is ruff.

When your human owns a guitar, there's no better way to get involved than to take a snooze in the guitar case. In fact, you probably didn't know this, but a guitar case fits a golden retriever almost perfectly. If I didn't know any better, I'd think that was actually molded for the pooch.

Life on the road might be tough, but finding a place to rest your head is priceless.

I'm gonna read these, I swear!

There's nothing like a good bookshelf, amirite? Just a nice place to store some of your favorite stories -- and your dog. Wait. What?! Well, this pup decided that he would climb right on top of the books in this cubby and make himself right at home. We're not totally sure how he got in there -- or what made him think that he could get in there, but alas, there he is, just chillin'.

It's a paver life for me.

Next time you're walking down the sidewalk and you notice a brick or a paver missing from the walkway, we encourage you to keep an open mind about it. Maybe the city decided not to replace the missing stone because a certain cat has claimed the spot as his or her new resting place.

Speaking of resting place, this next big cat has his own ideas when it comes to a throne. He seems happy with his decision.

Oh, did you need this for something?

Have you ever seen a lion in a wheelbarrow? Well, now you have.

This guy was hanging out in his zoo enclosure when he came across this green thing that looked fit for a king (a lion king, that is). The curious cat decided to give it a try, so he jumped inside. People gathered around and took pictures as he sat there and looked around.

Who knew that a wheelbarrow could fit a lion so perfectly?!

Who the heck is the cat in the hat?

This kitten couldn't be snugger if she wanted to be! Forget the "Cat in the Hat," this little baby is the cat in the sock -- and she's loving every second of it. We can't help but wonder if her human helped her get into this article of clothing, but she doesn't appear to be fighting to get out -- and why would she?! She is super cozy in there, all ready for her afternoon nap.s

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