By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

You’re About To Learn Something Unbelievably Fascinating About These ‘Twins.’

It's said that somewhere in the world, there is probably a person that bears a striking resemblance to us. The notion has some divided opinions - some think that it's a cool marker of evolution, and others think it's just downright freaking.

Three friends in Dublin wanted to explore this idea, so naturally, they took to the Internet. Harry, Niamh, and Terence have started a blog, hoping to find their "Twin Stranger," a lookalike that could come from anywhere in the world. Incredibly, Niamh found her match.

The pair were nervous about meeting one another, but as it turns out, they got along famously. Check out the photos from their meeting below - isn't the resemblance absolutely uncanny?

How would you feel about meeting your own twin stranger?

Source: dailymail