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Perfectly Timed Photo Captured The Moment Starlings Made The Shape Of A Bird.

After four days of scouting, taking pictures, and waiting for the perfect moment, Biber finally lucked out!

"A number of people were watching this display but they were observing it from other spots and might not have seen what I captured," said Biber. But even Biber wouldn't see what he captured until he looked at the images at a later time.

"Only when I checked the pictures on the computer later, I realized what formation the starlings had created."

Biber couldn't believe what he was looking at. "I was so concentrated on taking pictures at the time that I hadn't realized that the starlings had created a giant bird in the sky," he stated.

It took less than ten seconds for the birds to take on that shape!

"I realized that I had captured a unique snapshot, technically, sharp and in high quality," said Biber. Biber knew what he had to do next.

He decided to enter his photographs into an international photography competition run by the bird observatory Vogelwarte Sempbach in Switzerland.

Biber went up against 540 photographers from all over the world, with a total of 6,800 pictures to be judged! Needless to say, there was some pretty stiff competition!

But, Biber won first place!

Since then experts have asked to use his photos to prove the difference between real and doctored images. He was also approached by museums asking him to participate in exhibits! Even if he doesn't do it, we sure do hope we'll be seeing a lot more of his work!

Source: Daily Mail

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