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28 People Who Wore The Perfect Shirt… #20 Is The Best Photobomb Ever!

Ever find yourself in the same dilemma every morning: "what am I going to wear today?" Some people may have this problem more than others but such a decision shouldn't be taken so lightly.

Most of the time, people like to plan their outfit for whatever activities they may be doing that day. What people should consider when choosing their outfit, however, is who they'll randomly run into; what unexpected activities might they be a part of that day.

Take the people below for example, they each wore the right shirt at the right time. And although it may be a one in a million chance you'll meet Justin Bieber the day you wear a Bieber shirt - you just never know.

#1. I mean technically he was.

I mean technically he was.

#2. This man wore the worst t-shirt ever to jail.

#3. What are the odds?

What are the odds?

#4. Keep clear of the Hoffman.

Keep clear of the Hoffman.

#5. Michael Jordan wearing a shirt of himself while dunking on others during a beer pong game.

Very much appropriate.

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