By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

28 Photos That Will Calm The Perfectionist Beast Within You.

The world can get pretty chaotic, so sometimes it's nice to retreat and focus on the simpler things in life. Oddly enough, just looking at these photos can give you that feeling of simple stress-free perfection - and the subjects of the photo are everyday objects, too.

These 28 images are so perfectly organized by shape, size, or color that they are deeply satisfying to look at. If you're having a hectic day, take a moment to bask in their perfect organization, minimal design, and clean lines. #19 is the most gratifying thing you'll see all week.

#1. The perfect updo.

#2. The perfect bite.

#3. The perfect bizarre scene.

#4. The perfect healthy snack.

#5. The perfect water wheel.

#6. The perfect polka dots.

#7. The perfect palette.

The perfect palette.

#8. The perfect plant.

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