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By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

Perfectly-Timed Photos Taken Just Milliseconds Before Disaster Struck.

There are tons of things that could go wrong during the day, but that's what makes life so unpredictable. Unfortunately, not all of us have the common sense to stay away from danger. Some of us actually get a thrill out of tempting fate. Just look at these 37 spine-tingling images taken moments before the unimaginable happened.

#1. The Cargo's Falling

We're guessing this is what they mean when they say wide load. That cargo ship was so packed that it looked all the cargo was about to topple over. In fact, some of the containers were crushed while only four of them wound up falling in the water. Fortunately, no one got hurt in the incident and the boat didn't go bottoms up.

The Cargo's Falling


#2. A Quick Exit

This pilot managed to eject himself seconds before his Harrier Jump Jet crashed in front of a live audience during an air show. In fact, some people thought it was all part of the show. But fortunately, no one, not even the pilot suffered any injuries. But kudos to the photographer for being so brave.

A Quick Exit


#3. Beware The Clowns

Believe it or not, fear of clowns is a condition some people struggle with. In fact, it's called Coulrophobia, which is something that baker is about to experience. Poor guy! He has no idea what's coming around the corner, but we can imagine that those pastries won't have a long shelf life after he has a major meltdown on the sidewalk.

Beware The Clowns


#4. The Stunt Kid

This kid seems to be enjoying being the next Evil Knievel. His little sister is pretty impressed too. But his mom is freaking out on that canoe. Just look at her face. She knows that whatever happens, her kid's going to be aching for like a week. Fortunately, he didn't suffer any scars from his daredevil stunt.

The Stunt Kid


#5. Eyes Forward

Okay, we get it! She has a nice body. But this is why you should never walk and gawk at the same time. This guy was so embarrassed when he ran into that pole. Who knows? Maybe she heard the thump and turned around, but probably not.

Eyes Forward


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