Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

Perfectly-Timed Photos Taken Just Milliseconds Before Disaster Struck.

#6. Eyes Forward

Okay, we get it! She has a nice body. But this is why you should never walk and gawk at the same time. This guy was so embarrassed when he ran into that pole. Who knows? Maybe she heard the thump and turned around, but probably not.

Eyes Forward


#7. A Titanic Failure

So this couple decided to reenact that scene on the edge of the boat with Rose and Jack on the Titanic. But things got really awkward when a seagull swooped in and ruined the moment. Guess the heart might go on, but that lady's nose won't.

A Titanic Failure


#8. Water Flying

These skis are supposed to be safer than conventional ones. But that third guy looks like he's auditioning to play Superman. It looks like when the boat started up, it gave him a bigger jolt than he expected. Ironically, he didn't crash into his buddies below, but he did get seriously water burned.

Water Flying


#9. Surfing With Sharks

Believe it or not, Seth actually knew that the shark was there and thought it would be fun to surf close to it anyway. Ironically, the shark must have been full, because he didn't bother Seth, and they ended up going their separate ways. No harm no foul.

Surfing With Sharks


#10. The Crash Landing

In 1998, Nigel Corner, a race car driver in the Goodwood Revival, survived a crash that should have killed him. During a Motor Sports Magazine interview, Corner admitted that if he'd been wearing a seatbelt, he'd have died. So, we're guessing that seatbelts don't always save lives, at least, not when you're in a brutal tight race.

The Crash Landing


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