Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

20 Oddly Satisfying Photos To Satiate The Perfectionist In You.

#6. When you put these clam shells together they look like something that came out of an “Alien” movie.

How could something that looks this creepy, also look so perfect and beautiful all at the same time?

#7. Whoever took the time to color code their cereal in the morning is a total boss at organizing things.

They took an awful long time to get this right. But we hope that they love soggy cereal for breakfast.

#8. Getting the colors to transition from white to purple to blue to green to orange to red is awesome.

We sure hope that the owner of the vehicles in the middle doesn’t have to rush out in an emergency.

#9. It takes a master chef to leave a trail of color transition as they cut these scallions to a million bits.

It looks perfect! It’s too bad that all the scallions have to get thrown into the pot to make some sauce.

#10. Sometimes, it’s not the tree that’s beautiful, but rather the shadow that it casts on the ground.

When the sunlight hit this tree at the right angle, it created an eerie and ethereal looking shadow.

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