Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

19 Creative Women Show What It Takes To Get Perfect Photos.

These days it feels like everyone is a supermodel, well, at least on Instagram. There doesn’t seem to be a single bad photo out there. It's like everyone is able to snap flawless selfies in a heartbeat. But like everything else on social media, it’s nothing more than an illusion. In reality, these seemingly perfect photos took many hours to shoot, or the people on the photo had to contort a certain way.

In fact, if you ask anyone, they’ll tell you that there’s a very interesting, and in some cases, funny story behind their Instagram pictures. So check out these photos of 19 girls who have totally gone above and beyond to get a shot that was worth sharing with their followers.

Sometimes, in an attempt to get the right shot, you have to do things that leave you drenched.

This gal looked totally glamorous, but in reality, she had thrown herself in a bath soup full of milky water and an assortment of flower petals while wearing a bathing suit. But you can’t deny that the end results were worth it.

The effort it takes to get a great photo often takes more than one individual to get the job done.

This woman had to rely on her friend’s help to hold a bunch of fake decorative bushes to make it seem like she was in the middle of a forest. In reality, she was simply posing for a photo inside a store.

You don’t always have a bunch of makeup artists on hand to help you during a shoot.

This girl didn’t have anyone else except for her friend, but what an awesome friend she was! She made sure that the girl’s dress looked absolutely perfect before taking a single snap on her cellphone. That's what I call commitment!

In some cases, getting the right photo requires a great deal of team effort, but it’s worth it.

This gal was grateful to her friend who was holding the camera. Fortunately , there was a guy who was willing to give her a boost... literally, in order to take this photo from a higher angle. Genius!

To look like a Instagram model, you have to have people willing to lie down for you.

She certainly looks amazing in the final shot, but that’s thanks to the friend who had to throw herself on the floor to get the right angle and make it all come together. That's true friendship right there!

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