Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

19 Creative Women Show What It Takes To Get Perfect Photos.

Sometimes you have to multiply life by the power of two in order to get the right shot.

Hopefully, you have a friend who isn’t afraid of heights like this girl had. Otherwise, you’ll have a rough time getting someone to climb a tree for you to take a photo from up above. And if you get someone to do this, treat them to some lunch or a latte afterward.

You don’t always have to leave the house in order to look for exotic locations to take a photo.

This woman took an amazing photo right there in her own kitchen. All she had to do was sit on the marble counter top. She took advantage of those hanging ceiling lamps that made her look mesmerizing and ethereal, and snapped one heck of a photo. Pretty impressive!

You know that it has to be love when you have a boyfriend who is willing to do this for you.

This guy’s hanging out of the passenger side window of a car in order to take a great selfie of his girlfriend. When a guy is willing to break his back in order to help you look great, he’s definitely a keeper.

You don’t always need a photo studio, but you do need to find the perfect setting for your photo.

These two didn’t have to go very far. They simply headed to a flower shop in their neighborhood and got creative. They both sat on the floor while one of them posed fabulously, and the other one took snaps. What a perfect shot for springtime!

Sometimes you have to go to the extremes in order to get the right lighting for a selfie.

Check out this girl, who really wanted to look like an insta model with perfect skin and radiant hair. But to get that perfect lighting, she had to lift her legs up as if she were giving birth in order to hold the light steady.

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