By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

They Are Doing Something Very Unusual With These Animals… You’ll Wish You’d Thought Of It.

We've all had the kind of bad day that feel like they can only be solved by one thing: The warm cuddles of a baby or a pet. Admit it- both are pretty satisfying feelings.

There likely won't be a Baby Hugging Service any time soon, but one Florida animal shelter is now delivering kittens and puppies to local businesses for some midday lovin'. The service is called Snuggle Delivery, and for a minimum $150 donation, employees can snuggle, schmooze and smooch all the animals they like for an hour. The benefits work both ways: The animals get some much-needed attention, and workers are able to relieve a little stress by interacting with bundles of furry love.

Donation money goes right back into the Humane Society of Broward County, and for now, that's the only part of the country that the Snuggle Delivery service is being offered. Bonus: If you're in southeastern Florida, and should take a particular liking towards one of the cuddle-buddies, you can adopt one on the spot. Suddenly, your day just went from bad to awesome.

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