By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Sneaky Prankster Switched Pet Store Labels With Hilarious Alternatives. LOL At The Invisible Fish.

Jeff Wysaski isn't new to the world of extreme pranking. In fact, LifeBuzz featured him here, for his ridiculous "self-help" book prank, wherein he created fictional titles that poked fun at the genre. That prank definitely had everyone in stitches. Now, Wysaski has moved his sights to the world of pet stores, where he has created a hilarious serious of sign alterations that call animals out for what they actually look like.

Wysaski's sign for each critter is disturbingly accurate ( that hamster really does look like Guy Fieri), and he even included descriptions for each animal that highlight their "skills." If you've ever wanted to see what a Regular Boring Normal Turtle looks like, now's your chance. Make sure to read the fine print of each sign: You're going to love what the Gym Rat listens to at the gym.

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