Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

20 Thoughtful Gifts For The Animal-Lover On Your List.

If you know someone who is a devoted pet owner, more than likely, they will appreciate a gift for their pet more than anything. Although it may seem like they already have everything that they need to properly take care of and raise their pet, it's safe not to assume.

Of course most pet owners will already have the essentials such as food, treats, and toys. Our list of potential gift ideas are filled with more creative items you wouldn't think to buy but would actually be very nice and convenient to own. Take a look to help you get started on your holiday shopping.

#1. Filson Dog Car Seat Saver

A hammock-like car seat saver to help prevent your pets from tearing, ripping, dirtying, or urinating on your seats! This seat saver is made out of 12-ounce cotton dry finish tin cloth.

#2. Cardboard Ice Cream Truck

It's the perfect cardboard playhouse for cats and small pets and non-toxic, recyclable and biodegradable.

#3. Catpack

A rucksack that allows you to carry your cat with you anywhere and they can see exactly where they're going!

#4. Custom Pet Pillow

A customized pillow that not only looks just like your dog but is also the same shape of him or her. Your pet can keep your lap warm while you rest your head on this.

#5. Auto Grass

Faux grass that will prevent your pet from stepping up to to the front of the car. It's also great for securing your other valuable items such as your phone or glasses.

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