Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

20 Thoughtful Gifts For The Animal-Lover On Your List.

#6. Paww Secret Agent Leash

A special leash that's made out of a super soft and durable webbing and reflective fabric (helps with nighttime visibility). The best part: there's a quick-tether clip that allows you to attach your pet to any pole!

#7. H20 Travel Water Bottle

A portable water bottle that'll allow you to provide water for your dog in any situation/environment such as when you're hiking, camping, or just out for a walk. It's designed specifically for the way dogs drink.

#8. BarkBox Subscription

A monthly subscription where you and your pup will receive a box filled of treats and four to six toys every month! Owners can curate what the boxes will have by specifying what their dogs' likes and dislikes are.

#9. Zencrate

A smart dog bed that's equipped with wi-fi (because they need it right) and uses motion-activated soothing music, sound insulated walls and a programmable fan to reduce canine anxiety.

#10. Chuckit Launcher

A fun toy that allows you to get a super-long throw range with a slobber-free ball pick-up. Now you won't pull a muscle from using your throwing shoulder too much.

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