Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

20 Thoughtful Gifts For The Animal-Lover On Your List.

#11. Cat Stroller

It's exactly what it sounds like because let's be honest, walking a cat is not easy. But for owners who want to take their feline friends on a walk with them, they can use this!

#12. Nuzzle Collar

A GPS-enabled smart collar that is compatible with smartphones. This means you can track your pets' location just from your phone!

#13. Wooden Leash Holder

A distressed-wood hook (available in eight colors) specifically for your dog's leash and collar. With this, you can minimize clutter!

#14. Dyson Groom Tool

A simple small vacuum attachment to help consume furry tumbleweeds. The tool's bristles also help get off any excess hair that's clinging to your pet!

#15. Petcube Play

A cube that allows pet owners to spy on their pets at home when they're out of the house. There's also a two-way audio feature that allows conversations.

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