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By Huong Ngo

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25 Flights That Had The Best Passengers Ever.

Everyone loves to travel but nobody actually enjoys going to the airport and sitting on a plane for hours. The entire process is super tedious and exhausting. Most people dread the idea of boarding a plane but often times, they're left with no other choice. With that said, there are only two ways a person's flight can become more enjoyable. The first one is booking first class. Unfortunately, that's not affordable for most people. The second way: boarding a flight that has an animal on board. And we're not talking just dogs and cats!

#1. Imagine having the amount of focus this dog has.

He stared out the airplane window for 5 hours straight in silence. He didn't once make a peep.

#2. Ever heard of the phrase, "when pigs can fly?"

Well, they can! Which means everything is possible now, right? They don't have wings, but that's what loopholes are for.

#3. Meet Corporal Kiddy, she's an extremely special canine.

This flight took place after she earned her retirement from the U.S. Marines. The human joining Kiddy made an announcement to congratulate the doggo's 12 years of hard work and everyone on the plane gave a round of applause.

#4. When your service dog befriends another service dog on the plane.

Left dog: "Hi. Are you scared?" Right dog: "Hell yeah, you?" Left dog: "I'm about to pee from where I'm laying."

#5. This is the most behaved pet I've ever seen in any situation.

And look at how calm it is! This doggo deserves all the treats after the flight is over.

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