By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

26 Pets Who Don’t Care About Your Computer. #4 Should Get His Own Laptop If He Wants To Do That.

If you share your laptop with another person in the house, you know how frustrating it is to find someone else typing away at the keys when all you want to do is check your email. In a perfect world, even your five-year-old would have a laptop to play games on, but unfortunately, they're just too expensive to be passing out like candy.

Well, these pets don't care. In fact, they seem to think that they need your laptop more than they do. Below are 26 animals who are probably trying to get you to purchase them their own laptop. Something tells me that #12 will need to have his password protected.

#1. Watching a video of himself on YouTube.

#2. Wondering why the connection is as slow as he is.

Wondering why the connection is as slow as he is.

#3. Confused about what exactly is happening here.

#4. Licking your keys like a creep.

#5. Studying for his GRE and also ordering more scarves.

#6. Fell asleep watching YouTube.

Fell asleep watching YouTube.

#7. Don't worry, he doesn't mind.

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