By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

29 Christmas Gift Ideas For Pets… Your Dog Is BEGGING You To Buy #11.

You've got the socks for dad and the new perfume for mom, but your Christmas shopping isn't complete just yet: You've still got to get some seriously great gifts for your beloved pets. Shopping for pets isn't always the easiest -- they can't tell you what they want -- but then again, they also can't tell you they hate either. As such, you might as well take a walk on the weird and wonderful side when buying your pets' Christmas gifts.

Below are 29 epic pet Christmas gifts that will definitely improve your beloved pet's holiday. Some of them are just for fun, and others will make your pet-having life infinitely easier. #15 is equal parts cute and practical.

#1. A bowler hat for the most dignified of pups.

#2. A festive poncho in a range of colors and sizes.

#3. A 360 degree dog washer that makes it easy to get your pooch squeaky clean.

#4. A shiny gold grill that your dog thinks is a ball and will make him look more hilarious than ever.

#5. The perfect cat hammock for underneath your chair.

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