By Keith

LifeBuzz Staff

A Pet Psychic Had A Conversation With Her Dog. Here’s How She Reacted…

The sun is shining through the window and your pet, whether it's a dog or a cat, is laying there in total bliss. The next moment they are on their backs wiggling, waggling, and smiling wide. Have you ever wondered what was going through their minds at that exact moment?

You can't call Dr. Doolittle, he doesn't make house calls. You can call the Pet Psychic. She will come into your house and energetically connect to your pet and let you know what they are thinking. She is able to communicate with them and find out not only how they feel about you, and some of your actions, but she can also find out what ails them, both physically and emotionally.

Watch this amazing video to find out how she does it and and feel the connection she has with these animals.

I wonder if she could tell me, why after every bath, the first thing he does is roll in poo.

Source: BuzzFeedBlue