By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

A Baby Raccoon Was Found In An Old Tire. And Now He’s Charming The Internet.

If you Google "raccoons as pets," the information that you'll come across might disturb you. First things first, it's illegal in some states. It also says that when raccoons reach adulthood, they become "violent and destructive." That might be enough to turn some people off from raccoon ownership, but after you meet Marley, you won't believe it could be true.

After being found living inside an old tire, these brave owners took Marley into their home. Surprisingly, he basically acts like a puppy, and his cuddly disposition and adorable face have made him an Instagram star. Check out his photos below - you're not going to be able to resist his little face.

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Here's a raccoon that can do clean, ride a bicycle, and more.

Source: Marley The Raccoon