By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Text Conversation About ‘Pet Snails’ Is So Funny I Can’t Stop Laughing.

We all have a hard day at school every once in awhile, but this little girl's day may have been worse than all of our combined. What started as an innocent attempt to bring your pets to school ended in some serious tragedy -- and as usual, it's all the teacher's fault.

The little one made the executive decision to bring her pets to school that fateful day. Only, she didn't keep the obvious pets -- that is, puppies or kittens. Instead, this little one had a pair of pet snails called Anna and Elsa, and she loved them dearly. Unfortunately, her teacher didn't realize that she'd brought them in and, well, that's when things got ugly.

This series of texts was posted by the girl's older sister in a tweet, documenting the atrocity that occurred on that very stressful, sad day. By the end of it, you'll be cracking up -- poor little snails never even saw it coming. Unfortunately, neither did their tiny owner.

It started off as any sibling-mom text would: The little girl is coming home from school after a hard day -- but what happened to her pet snails?

Yes, that's right: The absolute worst case scenario.

Here's hoping the family threw a snail funeral in solidarity.

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