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By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

30 Pet Inspired Tattoos That Every Animal Lover Will Appreciate.

People get tattoos dedicated to their family members all the time. Many people like to prioritize family over everything else, so it makes sense why they would get something permanently inked onto their skin that represented family.

Whether it's a tattoo dedicated to your parents, matching tattoos that you get with your siblings, or a tattoo dedicated to your child -- I like to think family tattoos are rather ordinary as family is one of the most important values in life to people.

Getting a tattoo dedicated to your pet is no different. Bringing in an animal into the household to love and take care of is practically the same as adopting a child. This pet IS your adopted child, therefore it's family. And like I said, family tattoos are normal.

Maybe you've even considered getting one if you have a pet of your own. Take a look below for some inspiration -- you can take the literal route or you can go for something more simplistic.

#1. This is too cute.

#2. A portrait of Jaime the doberman pinscher.

#3. A cat with its unique birth mark.

#4. Dog siblings sharing their love with each other.

#5. An illustration of both the owner and his dog.

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