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25 Pets Who REALLY Didn’t Want To Go To The Vet.

Do you enjoy visiting the hospital? Do you ever get excited to go see the dentist? Do you ever jump for joy for seeing a doctor? No? Then it shouldn't be a surprise that neither do pets.

No one likes visiting the doctor's office, that includes the cute cuddly animals you take care of at home. After the first time they go, it is guaranteed they will dread any returning visit afterwards. You can't really blame them after all. Most visits include shots or things going up unpleasant places.

But no matter how much they hate it, if we need to take them to the vet, we need to take them. But we can't help but to chuckle a bit at their reactions.

#1. When they start remembering unpleasant moments.

“I don't like it when they put thermometers up my butt. I don't.”

#2. When they refuse to move from their spot.

“This is my home now. There is where I stay.”

#3. When they finally spot the building they dread so much.

"Wait a minute... I know what this is."

#4. When they decide to face their doom and stand outside the door.

"I'm sure the doctor won't want to operate on me after he sees me."

When they decide to face their doom and stand outside the door.

#5. When taking a different route to the vet works, before turning the corner."

"I thought we were going to a new dog park!!"

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