By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Trip To The Zoo Didn’t Go As Planned, But The Internet Made It Worse… LOL.

You're hanging out at the zoo, enjoying the animals and minding your own business. Suddenly, you catch the eye of a gorgeous peacock, a bird so gentle and non-threatening that many zoos and wildlife sanctuaries let roam free on the grounds, without and enclosure. From a distance, you think to yourself that the bird is beautiful, a symphony of colors and marvel of Mother Nature. You're perfectly fine coexisting with this bird, each of you maintaining a respectful distance.

But then, the bird starts to move.

With it's little talons and magnificent feathers, it makes its way towards you. Suddenly, the fear sets in. You start to wonder why you would ever put yourself so close to something so large and feathered, why you would ever assume that it didn't want to hurt you. In fact, you start to regret coming to the zoo in the first place. As the bird makes its way closer and closer, you break out into a cold sweat. Then, it shakes its feathers in a display of dominance, and all you can do is lose it completely and run like hell.

And in that moment, you are this little girl. This image was snapped by a parent at a zoo. For the record, the bird didn't hurt her, she was just terrified. We get it.

But that didn't stop the Internet from having its way with the instantly legendary photo.

You've got to admit, the look of terror and determination on this kid's face is definitely cinematic.

She truly believes she is in imminent danger, a la Jurassic Park. Keep in mind that peacocks don't have teeth.

That face could inspire thousands to take action.

And the fear in her sweet little face is truly what intense movie moments are made of.

It could potentially inspire a horror movie of its own.

So no, her trip to the petting zoo did not go as planned. However, we would have done the same, and we still think she's the real hero here.

Source: reddit