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She Asked The Pharmacist A Question… His Answer Made Her Husband So MAD.

There's a lot of pressure on pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to get their work done in a timely and accurate manner. Some of our lives depend on their ability to do their jobs. That's probably why one, they have to go to school for so long (and for a pretty penny) and two, why they're later paid so handsomely.

Picking up a prescription seems like a relatively simple process. Fall in line and pick up what you need. However, have you ever gotten frustrated with a pharmacist? You may have had your own reasons, but below we have a story about not one but two people who were offended by their local pharmacist.

A husband comes home to find his wife sobbing hysterically, and she tells him about an awful experience she had when calling the pharmacist that morning. The husband is obviously upset and sets out to confront the offender, and he was surprised to learn the truth.

Find out what happened below.

A husband comes home to find his wife crying.

She was absolutely hysterical about something that had happened earlier that day.

She told him what happened that morning.

She called the pharmacist to inquire about something, and he had insulted her terribly.

A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.

Infuriated, her husband drove downtown to confront the pharmacist and demand that he apologize to his wife.

When he got there, he sought out the pharmacist that his wife had spoken to.

He appeared to be stressed and quite busy, but that didn't stop the husband from yelling at him.

Before the husband could finish, the pharmacist stopped him.

"Let me tell you my side of the story," he told the husband. "Yes, I was burned out and in a bad mood before your wife called, but I have a perfectly good explanation."

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