By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Learn How To Turn An Old Lotion Bottle Into A Stylish Phone Holder In Just 14 Simple Steps.

If you live with more than one person, that means you probably live with more than one cell phone. When it comes time to charge, things can get tricky due to the fact that there are phones and cords lying around everywhere: Usually in an inconvenient spot on the floor or hanging tenuously for an outfit.

One DIY'er had the same problem, and decided to find a solution. After searching the Internet for ideas and coming up short, she decided to go tot work on this project. It's basically the most genius little charging station ever, and you're going to want to make two or three as soon as possible.

This is the finished product. Isn't it basically the cutest thing ever?

The holder solves the obnoxious problem on the left, and looks good doing it.

It's also great that the phone and cord can all be stored in this handy little station.

Plus, the bright colors look like much less of an eyesore than the phone just lying around by itself. So, how did she make it?

Well, she formed the shape of the holder using a bottle of baby lotion.

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