By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Here Are Some Surprising Places You’ve Been Pronouncing Wrong Your Entire Life.

Have you ever been at a party with someone who spent a lot of time talking about their travels, but kept mispronouncing the names of where they had been (causing you to continuously roll your eyes)? Perhaps you've spent time watching the local news and cringing whenever the anchor says the name of a city incorrectly? Or maybe you're that person, the person who has to correct someone every time they mispronounce a word or name?

If any of the above apply to you, you're going to love this lesson in phonetics.

However, what if you're the other kind of person, the person just guesses pronunciation and hopes for the best? Well, you might find yourself scrolling through these and saying "NO WAY," your face turning red with embarrassment about the time you told everyone about your trip to "Fuh-ket." Check out this list of your innocent pronunciation mistakes - the one about Dubai is the one that got me. I almost refuse to believe it.

Worcester, England

River Thames, England

Dubai, UAE

Phuket, Thailand

Versailles, France

Louisville, Kentucky

Melbourne, Australia

Bangkok, Thailand

Yosemite, California


Budapest, Hungary


Which of of these have you messed up?