By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

18 Funny Photos Where Cropping Changes Everything, You’ll Be Glad #14 Got Clarified.

Cropping photos is something we all do: We crop our rogue thumbs out of the picture, we crop our drunk friends, and sometimes, we even crop parts of ourselves that are better off left unseen.

But sometimes, cropping a photo can change everything - even what's actually happening in the photo.

Below are 18 photos that have been cropped for interesting and hilarious results. Some of these people are just trying to stunt, while others are trying to spare us from the harsh reality of the situation. Either way, most of thesen cropped images are guaranteed to make you smile.

#1. When the shadows tell a different story.

When the shadows tell a different story.

#2. He's never even left the state.

#3. This is one way to be scandalous without really trying.

#4. We'll just call this a budget vacation.

#5. Perception is everything.

#6. This is a powerful moment no matter which frame you look at.

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