She Looked At Her Husband’s Old Photos, What She Discovered Made Her Jaw Drop.

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Hardcore romantics believe the person they are supposed to be with is written in the stars. Their destiny has been predetermined and when the time is right their lives will join together. Cynics usually scoff at any mention of fate. Yet, for Yiqin Lu and Hedong Zhang that’s exactly what seemed to be what happened.

When the couple from China were looking through the groom’s childhood photos to use for their wedding, they noticed something similar in one of the images. 15 years prior to meeting, Hedong visited with his family the Ling Shan mountain in Wuxi. The family was there to see the Grand Buddha statue in the city.

Yiqin made her fiancee look at one of the photos closely, because she was confident she knew who the woman in the red coat was. If this is not destiny, we don’t know what is.

The couple found a photo that was taken in 2000. When Yiqin saw one of the photos, something looked really familiar.


Behind 14-year-old Hedong was his future mother-in-law. When Yiqin saw the photo she shouted, "that's my mom!" Her fiancee thought she was overreacting.


Yiqin went home and found her mom's own photo taken in the same area.


Turns out both families had visited the site for Chinese New Year. Yiqin was on the same tour bus as her future husband. The families also used the same travel company and even kept the ticket stubs from the excursion.


"With this incredible story, we’ll cherish our love even more," says Yiqin.


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