By Sheyla

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37 Hilariously Inappropriate Photobombs. #21 Is So Wrong… But Yet So Funny.

Photobombing is the not-so-subtle art of sabotaging a photo by purposefully inserting oneself in the background in the split second where a photo is being taken. Given how many people have smartphones and enjoy taking both selfies and group pics, photobombing is definitely on the rise. Whether done accidentally or on purpose, the end result of a good photobomb is comical for the viewer but equally frustrating for those trying to take the perfect snapshot. The act has become so popular that ‘photobomb’ was named the Word of the Year by Collins English Dictionary in 2014.

Just when you think you have seen every possible way a photograph can be wrecked: animals, children, and some very immature adults seem to prove that there is always a new way to keep this mischief alive.




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