Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

Photographer Shoots Her Friends In 2000 And In 2017 To Show How Time Changes People.

#6. If there's one thing about Eveline that doesn't seem to change it's her fierce stance.

Her hairstyle might have changed, but she's still truly powerful. Just look at the way she continues to stand with her hands on her hips. This is one gal you don't want to mess with.

#7. Confidence isn't always easy to achieve, but life has a way of shaping you and making you stronger.

Anna over here seems to have bloomed with an abundance of confidence. Just look at the difference in the body language. She certainly seems a whole lot more sure of herself and she looks absolutely striking!

#8. True friends stick together no matter what and only grow stronger as the years go by.

Over the years, Ryan seems to have dumped the glasses for some contacts, and the flip-flops for boater's shoes. But he and Tenley have something in common. They're both wearing the same printed shirt. Hm!

#9. It's amazing how 17 years can make a whole lot of difference in some of our food choices.

Aili seemed to be hooked on junk food in 2000, but then again, when you're in college and cramming for tests, a good meal is optional. But today, Aili looks beautiful and has traded snacks for bottled water.

#10. Sadly, some photos reflect how much people change over the years and what we've lost.

In 2000, Katie and Amanda seemed inseparable. But as to why Katie isn't in the photo in 2017 is a mystery Sittenfeld has not revealed. The simple answer is that they might not be that close anymore.

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