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Vain Selfies Were Mercilessly Trolled By This Hilarious Photoshopper.

Selfie lovers might be regretting sending their photos to James Fridman for a touch-up. Although some people work hard to show off their best features for everyone to enjoy on social media, they are not satisfied with what they deem to be imperfections.

Consequently, strangers are asking the photoshop guru to improve their image by making their legs look longer, make their breasts or butts bigger, and even change the location where the pics are taking from. Fridman has a disclaimer asking users to not submit their photographs if they do not want them to go public. After you see his photoshop work, you will understand why.

Friedman has only been manipulating photos on his social media account for a couple of days but he is already getting a lot of followers waiting for his next creation.

That is not the length of legs she was hoping for.

This guy got a swimming pool in the comfort of his own bathroom.

Friedman has a softer side, not willing to change the way this girl looks.

Next, more hilarious photoshop fails.

Source: James Fridman

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