Krista Miranda

By Krista Miranda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Pianist Loves To Calm Elephants With His Music.

Plara's Reaction

After seeing how Plara reacted to the music, Paul got an incredible idea. He asked the staff at Elephants World if he could bring his own piano to play for the elephants. Hoping that it would be relaxing for the rescued animals, the staff members agreed. At the time, Paul had no clue how much he would be able to help these sad, blind animals.

Moving The Piano

Lugging his piano back and forth was going to be a bit tiring, but Paul knew that the elephants would be grateful, especially Plara. “I returned to Elephants World with the piano and stayed for long periods. There wasn’t many visitors back then so I could spend a lot of time each day alone with Plara and the other elephants,” explained Paul.

Classical Music

I didn’t take long for Paul to realize exactly how much Plara enjoyed being around the music. “Plara really liked slow classical music and each time I played piano or flute he curled his trunk and held the tip trembling in his mouth until the music was over.” Who would have thought that elephants preferred classical music?

Calming Effect

Once Paul understood the effect that the music had on Plara, he began to regularly play for all of the other elephants, including the aggressive males! Paul believed that his music created a sense of peace and calm for these elephants who had once been so badly abused. Eventually, Paul began to look more deeply into what the music was doing for the elephants.

Memorable Reaction

Soon enough, Paul was receiving attention from the more stubborn elephants at the sanctuary."One of the most memorable [reactions] was playing 'Moonlight Sonata' to a big bull elephant called Romsai at night. Romsai is an elephant that mahouts keep away from people due to his strength and dangerous temperament. To be so close to him at the piano under the moon and stars and play music to him was quite special. He seemed to be listening and, from his reaction, liked the music. He let me live,” recalled Paul.

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