By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Which Of These Doors You’d Open Reveals A Surprising Insight Into Your Personality.

Doorways represent a powerful metaphor: opportunity, uncertainty, mystery. Despite your take on what doorways represent, there is no denying the allure and the pull to see what is beyond, a few steps into the darkness. Since the dawn of time, doors have not only stood for something new and exciting but what we know behind.

We have all had the thought about what is beyond a unique closed door, maybe it’s the shape, the colour or the sheer size that attracts us. There has been an interesting test floating around the interest that makes a bold claim. In a series of photos, all of doors and doorways, the viewer is asked to pick one with the aim to not only reveal a glimpse of our personality but to predict our future.

I took the test and I have to say my results were pretty spot on. Check it out for yourself and be amazed.

Pick a door

Pick a door

Door number 1

Simple is not boring, it's authentic. Confidence in knowing who you are and what makes you comfortable can take years for some. You enjoy the quiet and peaceful surroundings. If friends want to hang out, they know to do it at your own pace. Just make sure every now and then you step out of your comfort zone.

Door number 2

With hard work comes prosperity. Climbing up the ladder with sweat and sacrifice are what will bring rewards later. All one step at a time. You are not afraid to go the distance, you are thirsty for the opportunity to come.

Door number 3

Boldness is great as long as one knows when its wise to hold back. Be daring but also be willing to stop to recognize warning signs. A fire hydrant represents danger, but it may be the door beyond that poses a greater risk. Learn to slow down for a bit.

Door number 4

Go to battle Game of Thrones style! Looking to move up the company ladder, put in the work and results will appear. Red is a mighty color that symbolizes power and strength. The iron on the door represents the courage you have to move forward.

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