By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

26 Essential Picnic Hacks That Will Make THIS Summer Your Best Ever.

There's nothing that I enjoy more than packing up a lunch and heading to the park for a picnic. Something about dining al fresco is so refreshing and relaxing - especially when coupled with some chilled wine and a cocktail or two. In order to perfectly execute and awesome picnic, the key is to be prepared. Here, we've compiled 26 ways you can improve your picnic game. You're going to love the next-level awesomeness of #22.

#1. Use this four-step process to cut watermelon sticks.

#2. Serve up a chopped salad in a cup.

#3. Keep flies and other pesky bugs away from your food.

#4. Prepare celery sticks - including the peanut butter.

#5. Freeze water balloons to keep your picnic drinks colder, longer.

#6. Fill strawberries with chocolate for an easy, no-mess picnic snack.

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