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30 People Who Found Mysterious Photos On Their Camera… #13 Is Slightly Scary.

Recently, I had a peculiar experience with my smartphone recently, involving photos that weren't supposed to be there. In my camera roll, I discovered several photos of an old man, who must have snuck in a few selfies and accidentally airdropped them to me. It took me awhile to figure it out, though, and for a minute, all I could think was "How did this guy get my phone?"

That's exactly what happened to these Redditors, who all uploaded a story to the site about what happened when they found mysterious photos on their camera rolls. Their stories are hilarious, so we've decided to share them, in their words, below. #23 cracked me up.

#1. "We went parasailing yesterday and asked someone on the boat to take photos of us. We found this on our camera."

#2. "I just got a new phone and this was one of the photos the previous owner forgot to delete."

#3. "I was going through my old phone, I found this picture of my high school algebra teacher."

#4. "Found on a grandma's camera after a New Year's cruise."

#5. "I borrowed my dad's camera and found some duckface selfies, so I took one of my own and shopped half on."

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