Caitlyn The Pit Bull Had A Photo Shoot With Firemen, This Is So Cute You’ll Literally Melt.

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A little while ago, you may have caught a news story about a 15-month-old pit bull found with her mouth so tightly taped shut with electrical tape, circulation to the puppy’s tongue was completely cut off. Caitlyn was originally sold by its original owners for $10 only to find the animal back on the doorstep of their North Charleston, South Carolina home a day later in this horrifying condition.

Police arrested the person responsible and thankfully, this beautiful chocolate-colored animal is on the mend. Although it has undergone many surgeries and rehabilitation, Caitlyn’s sweet and calm demeanor hasn’t been affected.

To raise both awareness of and funds for abused, unwanted and neglected animals, Caitlyn got to star in Charleston Firefighters’ 2016 calendar organized by the Charleston Animal Society. Outside of being able to spend time playing with shirtless hunks at the beach, it is hoped her story will inspire people to do their part to help animals with similar stories get the help they need. Last year, the calendar raised $250,000 but given the addition of one gorgeous puppy, the society may likely make considerably more this year.

Caitlyn surrounded by letters of support and love from well-wishers all over the country.

Facebook/Caitlyn's Comeback

Caitlyn bonding with firefighter and model, Josh.

Charleston Animal Society

Caitlyn centerstage during the photo shoot with firefighters.

Facebook/Caitlyn's Comeback

Caitlyn's scars may still be visible but she is on the road to recovery.

Facebook/Caitlyn's Comeback

Last year's calendars raised over $250,000; with Caitlyn's help it is hoped that amount will be much higher.

Facebook/Caitlyn's Comeback

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