By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Walking Dead Actor Has Given Up Fighting Zombies… Pit Bull Prejudice Is His New Enemy.

Since they were domesticated, pit bulls have had quite a complicated history. Over the years, they’ve gotten the reputation of being bloodthirsty and violent. Only recently have many canine advocates begun educating people on the fact that pit bulls are actually quite docile, totally loyal, and tremendously wonderful pets.

The Majority Project is a new initiative that aims to spread that message. Here’s what they had to say on their website:

“There are millions of “pit bull” dog owners across the United States who live peaceful, every day lives with their family pets. Families like these are the rule, not the exception. We are valued members of our communities and families. We are your co-workers, neighbors, and friends. We are the MAJORITY.”

Watch The Majority Project’s cute, educational video below.

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A Great Grandmother

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