Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

25 Photos Of VICIOUS Pit Bulls… #12 Will Give You A Wake Up Call.

People like to believe that pit bulls are not only dangerous but "inherently dangerous." They like to assume that every single pit bull grows up to be a vicious beast that'll attack anyone in sight. This is a myth.

Not all dogs breeds are the same, but neither are all the dogs within the same breed. Sure some pit bulls may fit the stereotype, but have you ever thought to think that maybe they were raised that way? That they were raised by particular owners who encouraged aggression for fighting and protection -- who wanted a "guard dog."

Pit bulls have such a bad reputation for being ferocious when really they can be raised to be just as loving as any other dog breed. And guess what, we have proof!

Check out some "terrifying" photos below and let us know just how "terrifying" they really look.

#1. Their kisses will fulfill you.

#2. They're awesome family dogs.

#3. They're just like any other dog breed.

#4. Just look at his smile.

#5. They'll attend your tea party when nobody else will.

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