Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

Clever Little Dog Walks To Pet Store All By Himself To Buy Bags Of Treats.

Why do dogs obey their human parents — so they can earn belly rubs and tasty treats. Let's face it, delicious treats are the way to a dog's heart.

One particular dog in Brazil figured a way to cut the middle man out. He's developed a routine that allows him to travel solo to a clinic/pet shop that gives him a bag of treats to carry back home. That's right, he does it solo! Have you ever heard of any dog so independent?

Dogs naturally grow a special bond with us humans.

They grow to love and care for us whole-heartedly, but sometimes we wonder if they have ulterior motives.

They love us for who we are.

However, that's not the only reason why they love us. They know that if they behave and treat us with loyalty, that they'll eventually receive those oh so tasty treats.

Meet Pituco!

He may have come up with the most brilliant idea yet on how to cut out the middle man (his owner). With Pituco's ways, he no longer has to wait around on a human.

Some canine companions can be so clever and capable.

The smart dog resides in the little town of Paraí, Brazil.

Here, he's created and followed a rather genius routine.

As if him coming up with the idea wasn't impressive enough, it's the fact that he actually follows through with the routine that shocks us.

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