By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

17 Creative Ways To Reuse Old Plastic Jugs… Star Wars Fans Will Love #8.

We all know that when we're finished with our plastic milk or water jugs, we should do our part to recycle them. However, you might not know that those same plastic jugs can be a perfect resource for your next amazing DIY venture.

Plastic jugs are easy to cut and manipulate into any number of handy or decorative household items, and so if you've got a lot of extras lying in your recycling bin, now might be the time to get creative. Additionally, they're a foolproof material to work with, so even your kids can get involved in these projects. Check out these amazing DIY plastic jug ideas below and let your crafting wheels start turning. How awesome would #11 look in your living room?

#1. Create cool bookmarks out of plastic jugs with a tie-dye Sharpie effect.

#2. Cut plastic jugs into cool votive candle holders.

#3. Build an epic plastic jug igloo.

#4. Turn a plastic jug into a creative paint and paintbrush holder.

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