By Leilani

LifeBuzz Staff

She Looks PERFECT When Her Date Arrives, But Something Is Wrong…

Sandy Widyanata's short film Plastic (2008) highlights our obsession with body image. Anna is excited for her first date with Henry, who she is absolutely crazy for. As she's getting ready, everything goes horribly wrong. Her jeans rip and she discovers a monstrous pimple on her nose. To make matters worse, she has less time than she thought to prepare for the date.

And then something strange happens. Suddenly, Anna has the ability to sculpt herself like clay.

With society constantly defining and redefining what beauty should look like, women across the world find themselves feeling uncomfortable in their own bodies. The pain varies from person to person. While some people wish to change everything about themselves, others wish they could just one or two things — acne, belly fat, or dry skin, for example. This pain reminds us that loving ourselves is a lesson that we must keep on learning and sharing whenever possible.

Ms. Widyanata's film is the winner of the 2010 Australian Effects and Animation Festival, among several other awards. Click the video below to see how the rest of story unfolds.

Source: Sandy Widyanata | Australian Film Television and Radio School

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