By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Watch 450 Abandoned Dogs Running Wild, But Something Is Wrong…

It might sound like a rumor (or the ultimate dog-lover's dream), but this sanctuary in Serbia is actually real, and we've got the video to prove it. It's a safe have for over 450 dogs, each of whom used to be homeless. However, this shelter is even more extraordinary than the rest: The dogs don't sit in cages all day, but are encouraged to play and run freely.

The image of hundreds of dogs living their best lives is totally awesome, especially knowing that it's the most fun most of them have had in a long time -- if ever. The Harmony Dog Fund was created to help keep this amazing shelter afloat, and after seeing this video, you might feel inspired to help. Witness the 450 dogs in all of their glorious madness below.

Source: Harmony Fund