By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

A Kitty Tried To Distract A Police Officer From Writing A Ticket...

Perseverance is not usually a noun used to describe a cat. Nonetheless, there is no other word to describe this friendly feline.

A Texas police officer was writing up a traffic ticket when an unsuspecting and adorable kitten decided to befriend the man. Initially, the cat started to wrap itself around the officer’s leg, but that was not enough. As the patrolman was penning the citation, the cat climbed higher and higher, eventually twisting up the officers arm to the point where the feline had reached the hand being used to write the ticket. The officer tried to ignore the eager fur ball, gently pushing it away, but the cat did not give up.

The whole encounter was caught by the patrol car’s dash camera. The absolutely unbreakable focus and professionalism the officer maintained, as the kitty was working hard to distract him, is both admirable and very comical.

When the policeman explained the unusual event to his superiors, one can only suspect it caused a room full of laughter.

Source: Associated Press